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is on a diplomatic mission to the united states. linda yee was at an exclusive events where she just addressed bay area leaders in san fransisco? >> it was certainly a historic visit, her first to the bay area, the nobel peace laureate and member of parliament spoke of rapid changes in democracy in burma. but she also tells a cautionary tale of how a change has to come slowly. she says that her country is thrilled that the united states has eased some of the economic sanctions and a canal invite businesses to invest but she told an audience of business, civic, and political leaders, that the gold rush of investors have to benefit people, and beef offal. they have been an isolated country for 50 years when it was under a military dictatorship and people for the most part don't know what it is like to live in a democracy. >> we would like the right kind of investments, the kind of investments that will create jobs, and also provide young people with on-the-job training. for five decades, our education system has been grossly neglected. because of that, our young people are ill-prepared to take on th
, for the office of vice president of united states, my father, my hero, the joe biden. >> this clearly had an effect on the vice-president, you can see him there wiping away tears just after his son's beach. at one point, we even see him turn away to take a private moment right there. but the one thing that might be on the mind of president obama's tonight is the august jobs report coming up tomorrow morning. bloomberg news reports that the president actually guest is numbers today. a sneak peak before the rest of us see the data tomorrow morning. although those closest to the president say that he is not likely to tip his hand in tonight's speech, about that information. >> hardly an average day on the job for the san jose fire department, a bizarre tale of a man and a garbage bag, in a terrible bind, and his troubles were just beginning. >> and len ramirez in san jose with a popular supermarket chain facing a boycott tonight, just ahead, the new hiring policy that has a lot of immigrants and their supporters angry. >> good evening to you, i have your forecast, the marine layer basically
that we will never forget. >> i think that we took it for granted that we live in the united states and we're safe here. >> we were caught off guard, we thought that we were invincible. and it really brought us together and brought us back down to earth. >> this memorial, all 35 t of it, will not be in the parking lot much longer, the skeleton will be installed this coming spring. >> and for more on the ceremonies, marking the anniversary, and to see a photo gallery of 9/11, 11 years later, go to cbs sf .com. >> of the main thing that think is misunderstood right now is how fundamentally good is on a lot of different levels. >> the facebook ipo flopped but mark zuckerberg says to look on the bright side. what he admits that he does not do anymore. >> we ran back upstairs with fire extinguishers to break the windows out. >> then he realized that some were trapped inside, drastic actions to escape this burning bay area apartment building?,,,, >> >> mark zuckerberg made his first public comments since facebook made its initial public offering, he had to face tough questions about the facebook
was initially blamed on an anti islamic video that error on youtube, a film produced in the united states. phil matier continues our team coverage with reaction from the muslim community. >> in his global media age, film smocking islam and the subsequent riots in libya, are all part of a new american experience. for some 250,000 muslims that all the bay area their home. >> it is very sad, what ever happened, it is very sad. >> as the executive director of the council of american islamic relations in the bay area, he is one of the first to get calls for comment. >> what is the best way to respond to this? how can you explain to our fellow americans what is going on, and make clear what the position of muslims is on indiscriminate violence, it's very much feeds into the stereotypes that the filmmaker was trying to put out there, it has been very important for us to amplify the voice is a people condemning the mobs. >> as far as a backlash,? >> we are always worried about backlash and that is when something like this makes it into the headlines, we are on higher alert. but we have not received any
to the united states ended on their feet. >> estelle, a single mother of four picks rose to make ends meet. >> the truth is that i would not know where to ask, this was the first is that i found that has been able to support me. >> she is still learning english and needs help providing for family so she comes here to canal alliance. >> people are very dedicated to be part of this culture, and really make lives better. >> for 30 years they have been giving low-income spanish- speaking immigrants the tools that they need to thrive. >> they're not here to take anything from anyone, they are here to give and participate in a helpful way. >> they will get help with citizenship and income tax forms, they can take classes in everything earned english >> helping us find a better future for our lives to read >> they held 3000 people per year, people better dedicated to become american citizens that came to this country for a better life and future. >> from what we have seen and what we know, touching 3000 people every year, is that people are very dedicated to be a part of something bigger than the
. the protest seemed, at least in part, in response to an internet movie trailer produced in the united states that anchored muslims for an unflattering portrayal of the muslim leader mohammed. much like the arabs spring, word of the video has spread across the region rapidly for social media. youtube blocks of bdo in egypt and libya where those attacks took place tuesday. the scope of which stunned the u.s. diplomatic community. an official said friday that arrest had been made in connection to those killing. >> a protests began on tuesday against the film, and tonight the southern california moviemaker behind it is still hold up in his home, but the probation department says that he may soon have no trust but to come out. david lopez explains why. >> he is always partying on the weekend, lots of traffic on the weekends. >> she described his home in her neighborhood, the home where a man is said to be inside and refusing to come out. the door knob on the front door has been removed, the mailman delivered again, yesterday's mail still inside the box. no one has even peeked out the front door.
on the united states. >> it is not just drugs anymore. >> these predators have figured out that it is often a high reward, low risk, that they can traffic human beings and make a lot of money, without fear of getting caught like it would if they were walking around with an ak-47 or methamphetamine. >> why would someone traffic a five year-old child? >> as a career prosecutor, i cannot tell you, we have some predators out there, he would convince the parent that until their payback, the child belongs to them. >> one of the more disturbing revelations is that a year using prison gangs as go- betweens. >> how does someone doing life in prison, in a maximum prison in the state of california, how to be a shock collar for gangs? >> we know that the gang members that are in the prisons have been caught in possession of cell phones, they used to call street gangs. >> the response from the warden at pelican bay said that gangs are in fact involved with the prison population, you concede that. but since 2010 have not come across any cell phones and the gang communication occurs through the mail, visi
to impact apple sales of iphones made up nearly half of all smart-phone sales in the united states last year. >> i don't know, maybe people will be watching us on apple tv sunday ... >> as long as they keep watching. five days, $300 per day, he is making $12.50 per hour? good for him. my first tv jobs were not that good and i was actually doing work!. here we go. here's a peek outside right now, mainly sunny skies and getting darker earlier, the official sunset and oakland 7:08 p.m., warmer today compared to the past couple of days, legos 72 am conference 79, fairfield 78 in mountain view and san jose 67, san fransisco, right there in downtown, only 61 degrees. we have the shuttle endeavor flying overhead tomorrow. excellent news, nasa has delayed a flyover by one hour after consulting with the weather service office. that is a great idea because low cloud cover will burn off between 8:00 and 10:00. i would say that before the switch we had a 40 percent chance of seeing the shuttle but now i will give it an 80 percent chance, here is why the cloud cover will burn off earlier tomorrow. low pr
will become the next president of united states space. >> mitt romney pounced on the president's 60 minutes interview where he used the phrase " bump in the road " to talk about recent events in the middle east. >> these are not bounce in the road, these are human lives and developments we do not want to see. it is time for president that will shake the events and the middle east, not just be merciful or be at the mercy of the events in the least. >> the white house pushed back against any suggestion that he characterized the attack on the american consulate as a bump in the road. >> that assertion is desperate and offensive. the president was referring to the transformations in the region. >> the president's campaign is rolling out a new advertisement attacking mitt romney for saying that 47 percent of americans who do not pay federal income tax see themselves as victims. >> maybe instead of attacking others on taxes, he should come clean on his. >> that ad is airing in ohio where paul ryan is launching a bus tour. >> president obama in new york where he will address the general assembly a
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9